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Thank you, Yoshi no Gawa! Sake Seminar at Miku

On Wednesday, we had the privilege of welcoming Yoshi no Gawa President Minemasa Yuki for an afternoon Sake Seminar about Yoshi no Gawa brewery. Minemasa was joined by Patrick Ellis and Sam Kayo of Blue Note, and Sake Specialist and Consultant Miki Ellis led the introductions. The Miku team was treated to a two-hour session […]

Sake of the Week: Hakkaisan “Eight Peaks”

This week, we are excited to delve into a mainstay on our sake menu, the Niigata-style Hakkaisan “Eight Peaks”. ABOUT THE BREWERY: The Hakkaisan, or “Eight Peaks”, is made by Hakkaisan brewery in the Niigata prefecture of Japan. Hakkaisan makes sake very characteristic of the Niigata region, an area known for its pristine mountain water […]

Miku Celebrates Japan National Foundation Day : Yoshi no Gawa

In celebration of National Foundation Day in Japan, Miku is honouring Japan’s eighth oldest sake brewery, Yoshi No Gawa. Founded in 1548, Yoshi No Gawa is located in the renowned sake-making prefecture of Niigata, Japan. Through the test of time, they have perfected their craft, combining both tradition and innovation to produce sake of incredible […]

Valentine’s Evening at Miku

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we are excited to share a photo preview of our upcoming Valentine’s Day Kaiseki evening experience, exclusive to February 14th. Begin the evening with a glass of our welcome sparkling from Cave de Lugny, and delve into the intricate world of fresh seafood and Aburi cuisine. View […]

New Year’s Eve at Miku: The Mikan Mousse Cake

As a new decade approaches, on the evening of December 31st we are celebrating the finality of this fantastic year with a very special New Year’s Eve Kaiseki offering. And concluding this coursed dining experience is our exclusive Mikan Mousse Cake dessert. Created by Head Pastry Chef Kiko Nakata, the theme of this beautiful, glittering […]

Sake of the Week: Dassai 45

For this week’s Sake of the Week, we are exploring one of our most popular Daiginjo selections: the Dassai 45. ABOUT THE BREWERY: Dassai 45 comes from Asahi Shuzo brewery in Yamaguchi Prefecture. This is not the same as Asahi beer! Asahi Shuzo prides itself on making sake of the highest quality, where the brewery […]

Celebrate the Holiday Season at Miku

This year, celebrate the holidays with us and enjoy our decadent Holiday Kaiseki experience. Indulge in six courses of our chef’s specially curated cuisine, and round off the evening with our feature premium sake pairing. Our Holiday Kaiseki is available from November 18 – December 30, during dinner only. View the full menu here, or […]

Sake of the Week: Toji no Banshaku

This week we are featuring a Niigata-based Yoshi no Gawa sake: The Toji no Banshaku. ABOUT THE BREWERY: Toji no Banshaku is brewed at Yoshi No Gawa Brewery in Niigata prefecture, Japan. Niigata is famed for producing some of the best rice in the world, with Gohyaku-man-goku being the regional speciality sake rice. The brewery […]

Sake of the Week: Tenzan Shichida Junmai

This week we are featuring a sake from a new prefecture: Tenzan Shichida Junmai. ABOUT THE BREWERY: The Shichida Junmai comes from Tenzan Sake Brewery, which is located in Saga Prefecture on the southwestern of Kyushu in Japan. Established in 1875, the brewery derives its name from the local Mount Tenzan, and the sake name […]

Sake Feature: Yamahai

For this week’s Sake Feature, we delve into another prominent sake on our beverage list by Tamanohikari Brewery: the Yamahai.   ABOUT THE BREWERY: Last week, we introduced Kyoto Prefecture-based Tamanohikari brewery by way of the Gold Omachi. Since 1673, Tamanohikari has been brewing premium quality sake with dedication, care, and tradition. Their commitment to […]