Sake Feature: Yamahai

For this week’s Sake Feature, we delve into another prominent sake on our beverage list by Tamanohikari Brewery: the Yamahai.



Last week, we introduced Kyoto Prefecture-based Tamanohikari brewery by way of the Gold Omachi. Since 1673, Tamanohikari has been brewing premium quality sake with dedication, care, and tradition. Their commitment to the junmai tradition is particularly displayed in their Yamahai sake. This long-standing brewing method takes around double the time and skill to accomplish, often yielding complex flavours and aromas that are funky, earthy, and savoury. Adding to their prestige, Tamanohikari also polishes all of their own rice to ensure the upmost quality and purity in their sake.



Yamahai is a traditional way of making sake where, rather than adding lactic acid to deter microbes and bacteria from spoiling the fermentation, no lactic acid is added and thus the sake is left to ferment naturally. Flavour-wise, this sake is richly textured, with higher levels of umami and acidity, and also a touch of sweetness. On the nose, the yamahai is more funky with savoury, grainy, and rich notes of umami in the form of mushroom and dashi.

At Miku, we serve Yamahai by the bottle.



Rich flavoured dishes. We recommend our AAA Sterling Silver Prime Rib, Kyoto Saikyo Miso baked Sablefish, Kaisen Soba Peperoncino, or crunchy Ebi Fritters.

For a fresh take, try the Yamahai sake warmed in our natural hot bath.