Sake of the Week: Tenzan Shichida Junmai

This week we are featuring a sake from a new prefecture: Tenzan Shichida Junmai.


The Shichida Junmai comes from Tenzan Sake Brewery, which is located in Saga Prefecture on the southwestern of Kyushu in Japan. Established in 1875, the brewery derives its name from the local Mount Tenzan, and the sake name from the brewery’s owners, the Shichida family.

A unique fact about this brewery is that alongside sake production, they also used to mill flour, produce noodles, and polish sake rice. Since the 1960’s, however, the brewery has closed their other businesses to focus on their premium sake production. Their streamlined efforts have definitely not gone unnoticed, as the brewery’s dedication towards their sake truly shines through in their lineup.


The Shichida Junmai is a muroka style sake, meaning that it is non-charcoal filtered. While all sakes undergo some filtering of sorts, muroka only implies it is not done with charcoal. Instead, muroka style sakes are often brewed in a manner in which the final product is more clear and clean and simply do not need further filtration. On the nose, this sake offers a pleasantly sweet aroma of melon, honey, and green apple. On the palate, hints of pear and florals help provide just a touch of dryness, well balanced with mild acidity.

At Miku, we serve the Tenzan Shichida Junmai by the bottle.


Saga Prefecture is also home to the famous Arita ceramics. This is where our beautiful, artisan Kaiseki plateware come from.