New Year’s Eve at Miku: The Mikan Mousse Cake

As a new decade approaches, on the evening of December 31st we are celebrating the finality of this fantastic year with a very special New Year’s Eve Kaiseki offering. And concluding this coursed dining experience is our exclusive Mikan Mousse Cake dessert.

Created by Head Pastry Chef Kiko Nakata, the theme of this beautiful, glittering mousse cake draws inspiration from the traditional fruit symbolizing the new year in Japanese culture: the Citrus unshiu, or mikan.

Kiko’s Mikan Mousse Cake features a collection of intricate components, including a matcha sponge base, white chocolate mikan mousse, and mikan gelée, served alongside white sesame namelaka, crispy matcha moss, mikan gel, champagne jelly, and finished with a delicate sesame tuile.

Available only on the night of New Year’s Eve and at the end of this decadant Kaiseki experience, don’t miss this opportunity to ring in the new year with a sweet, citrus note.

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