Sake of the Week: Hakkaisan “Eight Peaks”

This week, we are excited to delve into a mainstay on our sake menu, the Niigata-style Hakkaisan “Eight Peaks”.

Hakkaisan "Eight Peaks"

Hakkaisan “Eight Peaks”


The Hakkaisan, or “Eight Peaks”, is made by Hakkaisan brewery in the Niigata prefecture of Japan. Hakkaisan makes sake very characteristic of the Niigata region, an area known for its pristine mountain water and high quality rice. Their regional sake is most often referred to as “tanrei,” meaning light and crisp. The brewery is actually named after the local Mount Hakkai from which water is sourced for the making of Hakkaisan sake.



The Hakkaisan is a junmai ginjo sake. Made with the premium Gohyakumangoku and Yamadanishiki rice varieties, Eight Peaks offers a refreshingly clean and crisp taste. Subtle flavours of asian pear and melon are complemented by the moderate acidity, making it an incredibly well- balanced sake. This sake is best served chilled.

At Miku, we serve the Hakkaisan “Eight Peaks” by the bottle.



This sake pairs well with basically any dish. The subtle flavours and light, clean style of Hakkaisan makes it a lovely pairing for a vast array of food, from our zensai appetizers, to shusai entrées, to sushi.