The New York Times Visits Miku


Photo credits: The New York Times


The New York Times writer Suzanne MacNeille took a trip to Vancouver in early November, and visited Miku Restaurant as a part of her food adventure tour.

Praising the diversity of cuisine here in the rainy city, Suzanne came by Miku one lunch hour to enjoy our contemporary Japanese menu with a unique French twist.

Among Suzanne’s favourites were our crispy Calamari, spicy Soba Peperoncino, and our fiery Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi. Here’s how she described our famous dish:


“Salmon oshi sushi lived up to expectations. A thin layer of pressed local wild salmon atop rectangles of rice had been torched just enough to coax a caramelized flavor from a sweet sauce (I asked a waitress what was in it; “It’s a secret,” she said, sotto voce) that augmented but didn’t overwhelm the pure flavor of the salmon.” 

-Suzanne MacNeille, The New York Times

Last but not least, Suzanne concluded her lunch with our signature Green Tea Opera cake, the delectable treat with contrasting layers of green tea génoise, dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut wafer, azuki bean cream, and matcha buttercream that takes three days to make.


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