Sake Feature: Taru

Part 2 of our Sake Feature series is finally here! This session we are highlighting Taru – Kiku Masamune.



The Taru sake comes from Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery located in Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture. Since its founding in 1659, Kiku-Masamune has prided itself on the “pursuit of dryness” in its sake. In order to produce the brand’s signature smooth and dry sakes, the brewery uses the Kimoto method.


The Kimoto method is an ancient traditional brewing technique where natural lactic acid bacteria is utilized in order to create the yeast starter, which is then used for fermentation. Most sake breweries simply add lactic acid to their yeast starter as using the Kimoto method is incredibly laboursome and takes approximately double the time in comparison.


The Taru is a dry Junmai sake that was matured in Yoshino cedar barrels. As such, on the nose Taru offers a lovely cedar aroma, and on the palate a dry yet refreshing taste. Pairing wonderfully with food, Taru complements rich, full-bodied, and spicy dishes best.

At Miku, we serve Taru Kiku-Masamune by the glass, half-litre, and bottle.


The resulting sake from the Kimoto method is generally more wild in flavour and aroma, and often, flavours of umami and acidity become more pronounced as well.