Celebrate Sakura Season at Miku

In Japan, the season of cherry blossoms (sakura) is celebrated by gathering friends and family together and having a meal or drink underneath the blossoming trees.

To honour this tradition, we have created our special sakura feature menu, complete with sakura themed beverages, coursed menu, and dessert.

To view our full Sakura Features menu, click here.

This menu is available for a limited time only from April 2nd – 15th. Don’t miss this unique dining opportunity, book now for best availability.


Kokuryu Junmai Ginjo

Fukui-based Kokuryu brewery has just arrived into Canada, with limited quantities! Using 55% local Gohyakumangoku (the second most popular sake rice in Japan), this junmai ginjo sake is rich in flavour while retaining a lightness in the mouth. A very pleasant surprise, considering that Fukui is famous for its soft water! Along with its complex notes of stone fruit and apple,  this beautiful sake is fresh and elegant, yet dry on the finish.

Sakura Aburi Prime Kaiseki

To celebrate the cherry blossom season, our chefs have meticulously created a special version of our signature coursed menu: The Sakura Aburi Prime Kaiseki.
Indulge in the blossoming festivities with our Chilled Chawanmushi amuse bouche, deluxe three-tiered Kaiseki Trio, and, of course, our signature Sakura Aburi Prime. Finish the evening off with our chewy Handmade Sakura Mochi, served with a perfect quenelle of tart cherry yogurt sorbet.

Our savoury Chilled Chawanmushi is topped with lobster and ikura, and decorated with cherry blossoms

The three-tiered Arita plateware reveals our feature fresh sashimi, smoky Aburi Beef Carpaccio, and buttery Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish


Our Sakura Aburi Prime features our selection of nine premium nigiri, flame seared with our signature sauces and finished with our delicate garnishes

Our chefs pay meticulous attention to flame searing and garnishing each nigiri in order to create the most beautiful and delicious dish

Soft, chewy, and simply divine, our Sakura Mochi is handmade by our pastry chefs and feature a sweet azuki bean centre

The salted cherry leaf wrapped around the Sakura Mochi is also edible! Enjoy the Sakura Mochi with our tart cherry yogurt sorbet. This dessert is also available à la carte, $14.