Japanese Joshu Wagyu Steak Feature 280


Our 10oz Joshu Wagyu Steak is carefully grilled and paired with four accompaniments that complement the steak’s rich, decadent flavour in their own distinctive ways:

Himalayan Pink Salt Enhances the flavour of the red meat

Garlic Sake Soy Adds umami flavour and depth

Wasabi Pickles Sharpness of the wasabi cuts the fattiness of the Wagyu Beef

Ponzu Daikon Radish Freshness of the citrus and daikon contrasts the richness of the steak

Served with grilled market vegetables to round out the dish. We recommend pairing with Caymus ‘Special Selection’ Cabernet Sauvignon or a bottle of our reserve Bordeaux for a complete gastronomical experience. Limited quantities available.

Joshu Wagyu, raised in Gunma prefecture, is “genuine Wagyu”,
the pride of Japan.

What is Wagyu?

Wagyu is a Japanese beef cattle breed derived from native Asian cattle. “Wagyu” specifically refers to Japanese beef cattle, as the name is a compound of “wa”, Japanese, and “gyu”, cow.

Highly marbled wagyu is revered in the gastronomical world for its rich taste and tenderness, but it is actually also healthy for the body thanks to its higher mono-unsaturated to saturated fat ratio than other types of beef.

Read more about wagyu beef here. 

What is Joshu Wagyu?

“Joshu Wagyu” is raised in the Gunma prefecture and revered throughout Japan. Japanese Black Cattle of proper pedigree are fed strictly selected feed in order to foster their growth in the Gunma environment and to produce the high prime beef of “Joshu Wagyu”.

Together with the rich nature of Gunma

Gunma prefecture, hometown of Joshu Wagyu, is a developing area for Japan’s livestock industry, nurtured by abundant water resources from the Tone River and luscious mountain surroundings. Beef cattle in Gunma, raised in this wholesome environment, have long been known for their rich, flavourful meat.

Raised in the land and nurtured by the nature and history of Gunma, Joshu Wagyu boasts extraordinary quality and deep flavour profile, passing strict Japanese quality standards before reaching your plate.


The tender sweetness of Joshu Wagyu complements the charred smokiness from our grilling technique. Both contrasting flavours dance and melt into one in your mouth.


Joshu Wagyu produces the full-bodied aroma of Wagyu with delicate texture. This intense aroma envelops your senses and sets the stage for the rest of your dining experience.


Joshu Wagyu, raised with gentleness and care in its growing environment, has a mouthwatering feature of rich fat content. Joshu Wagyu as a tender and juicy steak cut is sure to create a new dining sensation.


Joshu Wagyu is beautifully marbled (shimofuri) and does not become tough even when grilled. You will taste the richness of the marbling as the beef melts in your mouth. In addition, the red meat is woven with the optimal amount of marbled fat, resulting in the extraordinary texture of Joshu Wagyu.