Kazuya Matsuoka

At the age of 18, Chef Matsuoka began his culinary career in Japan, with several years of training in authentic Italian cuisine.  His first exposure to classical French and French-fusion cooking techniques came from a position at La Maree de CHAYA. Using fresh seafood as its focus, La Maree de CHAYA was a pioneer of French style Japanese cooking.

In 2004, Chef Matsuoka relocated from Japan to Los Angeles to work for CHAYA Brasserie, sister restaurant to La Maree and a forerunner in Japanese-French fusion cuisine in California.  He continued to develop his personal cooking style and progressed through the ranks to become Chef de Cuisine.

After years of dedicated contribution to CHAYA Group, Chef Matsuoka left Los Angeles in 2011 to join the culinary team at Miku Restaurant in Vancouver, Canada. He immersed himself in the restaurant’s unique West Coast infused Aburi cuisine, adding yet another cooking style to his culinary repertoire. With his extensive experience, innate sensibility, and strong passion for cooking, Chef Matsuoka soon advanced into the position of Corporate Executive Chef of Aburi Restaurants.